Open Source Platforms

Our team will develop your website using the latest technology, with a powerful relational database design and efficient and maintainable code. Open source MVC platforms and frameworks allow us to create world class applications that bring value to our clients for years.

Web-based Applications

Web-Based applications allow access from anywhere in the world and from any platform or device. We can make your business accessible world-wide using a secure system. Anyone in your organization can access your proprietary applications anywhere once they have provided their credentials. And the best part is, it's your software, that you own!


Need to safely sell, take payments or make disbursals online? We easily integrate your application with most online payment gateways. We can also develop e-commerce applications using stripe as payment service which is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. With Stripe you don't need to worry about securing credit card information because no sensitive credit card information will ever reach your server. This can be a big benefit to smaller and mid-sized companies where compliance and security issues can be hard to understand and cumbersome.

Social Networks

If you want to create "buzz" and generate traffic to your website or online application you can benefit from the exposure and connectivity that today's social networks can provide. A fully SEO compliant website is just the beginning. To increase your online visibility you need to generate quality content and get it seen. The most popular social networks of today (and tomorrow) are the best way to reach many people with your custom message and branding. We help you leverage those networks through the use of commonly available and custom made software that allows your website or online application to seamlessly use, display and or publish media to your online outlets.