SILVERVEE is a company specializing in database-driven, web-based application design and development using open-source MVC platforms, databases and modern javascript and css frameworks.

We are committed to providing cost-effective yet high-quality websites and web-based applications. Exceeding our client's expectations is always our goal. We provide technical support, maintenance, knowledge transfer and guidance once the product is delivered.

Is our vision to become a competitive web development company, recognized by our clients for our commitment to their needs, the fulfillment of their expectations and our professional attitude, standing proudly behind the work we do, and the quality of our products.

To become a competitive web development company, recognized by the clients for our professional attitude, the fulfillment of the expectations and the quality of our products.
Silvervee is committed to providing cost-effective yet high-quality websites and web-based applications while exceeding our client's expectations. We also provide technical support and guidance once the product is delivered.




  • Mr. Vidal (Silvervee LLC) has been working with my company, Lost Hotels for about 18 months. In that time we have been developing proprietary software were he began as secondary developer and is now head developer of our project. His work has been exemplary both in terms of professionalism and productivity. He has showed excellent organizational skills in regard to the design and development of our backend system as well as provided valuable input into the product development and user experience areas. He is very organized, patient and eager to aid us in making our design and functionality requests a viable reality. We are creating a one-of-a-kind solution and his expertise has proven invaluable in helping us build an efficient, stable and scalable system. We are very satisfied with his work ethic, reliability and measurable results.

    Ernesto RubenLost Hotels
  • I have worked with SilverVee on different projects and we are very pleased with their work. I definitely recommend their services.

    Nadia S. DiazWorld Medical Care
  • Jose, from SILVERVEE LLC, is by far, one of the most knowledgeable and neat developers I've worked with. His commitment, integrity and reliability are just some of the qualities that have made him indispensable at all you can yoga™. His ability to deliver top notch quality solutions not only expresses his creativity and talent, but also his keen understanding in achieving the creative vision by those who have worked with him and seek his expertise.

    Vanessa Birnbaumall you can yoga™
  • SilverVee has been a huge addition to our team here at the U. They met with us and gave all the possible information we may need in order to make decisions based on our situation. They are quick and get the job done faster than you can ever ask for. Their dedication is impeccable, with them willing to perform crucial web edits on their own vacation day. The team at SilverVee is a shining example of what customer service ought to be. We believe we found a great partnership and look forward to building even more projects with them in the future!

    Branden MorenoSynergy Miami
  • SilverVee did an amazing job on EcoSystems website. With just one click, our entire website is connected. I would recommend Michael and Jose to anyone looking for a creative yet well organized website.

    Lawrence LamondinEco System Solutions
  • We've worked with SilverVee on most of our web development projects since 2010 and are pleased to say that we've found a true partner. Their knowledge and reliability are just a few of the things that make this company worth working with. Thanks SilverVee for 'having our back'!

    Shanna DornbuschVanillashake Media